The 0Chain Geyser Guide: A Four Part Instructional

The Surge of ZCN Rewards begins now!

We’re excited to announce that 0Chain has officially launched the V1.0 pilot of the 0Chain Token Geyser on Uniswap!

Access it here!

What is a Token Geyser?

The Token Geyser was developed and first launched in April 2020 by the brilliant team over at Ampleforth. The AMPL token is a decentralized stable token that benefits from high liquidity. The Token Geyser is a smart contract on Ethereum that dispenses additional token rewards to liquidity providers on Uniswap and on other Decentralized Exchanges. Ampleforth’s Token Geyser program has helped to augment the liquidity of the AMPL token on decentralized exchanges. Fortunately, the Token Geyser’s decentralized reward program can also augment the decentralized liquidity of many crypto tokens, including ZCN. For this reason, the 0Chain team has decided to deploy one for the ZCN community.

The Complicated World of DeFi

Despite the fact that DeFi is a brand new space, the DeFi community has already invented tons of confusing concepts and jargon, both of which can intimidate newcomers to DeFi. With this reality comes bad news and good news for your foray into the 0Chain Geyser. The bad news is that if you’re new to DeFi it might require an hour or two of your time to comprehend the basics. The good news is that DeFi is not as complicated as the jargon makes it sound, and we’ve made the learning process easier for you. To help you peel back the layers on DeFi and untangle most of the lingo, a 0Chain Geyser Guide has been prepared.

The 0Chain Geyser Guide: A Four-Part Instructional

The crypto space caters to a wide spectrum of individuals who have varying levels of technical expertise. For this reason, a “Setup Guide” for the 0Chain Geyser has been segmented into four parts. The guide will start out simple and build-up in complexity so that no individual is left behind.

You will need to understand all four parts in order to use the 0Chain Geyser, but if you’re proficient in Metamask, Uniswap, and Liquidity Providing, you can likely skip to Part 4 to learn how to plug into the 0Chain Geyser. Otherwise, scan through each article to get clarity on aspects that you find confusing. Once you have a grasp on the basics, you’ll be ready to take the 0Chain Geyser for a spin.


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