Fuji Mainnet Rollout Update: 4/24/21

Many people in the 0Chain community are rightfully wondering what the Fuji Mainnet timeline is. The all too common answer of “soon” may not be satisfying to some, so let us begin with an analogy, and then I’ll add some color to the current state of 0Chain’s Mainnet launch transition:

Optimism is a Layer 2 solution on Ethereum. It’s close to launch. It was supposed to launch in March, but it was delayed to address some needed fixes to the protocol. Currently there is no hard date for the launch of Optimism. That’s not because it is facing insurmountable problems or because these bug fixes will lead to seriously long delays, it’s because the timeframe for the solution of these fixes aren’t necessarily clear. The reason for this is that you may make a fix, but due to the critical nature of a blockchain “fix” — the fix must function properly under a litany of testing conditions — this requires more tests until things can be deemed unequivocally “safe”. Optimism isn’t providing a new hard launch date because of the unpredictable timeframe (could be a few weeks, could be a month or two) and the elevated amount of attention that a “hard” set date would receive.

For those curious why the 0Chain team isn’t releasing a new date, 0Chain is in a similar position to that of Optimism’s. We’re very close (I can’t speak to how close Optimism is, but I know 0Chain is close) to our Fuji deployment, but some fixes make the timeline hazy. We don’t want to provide a date that’s too early, bringing unneeded pressure on the team for these fixes. We also don’t want to provide a date that’s overly conservative, which could create the impression that the remaining fixes are more time-consuming than they actually are.

So where are we at?

For the past few weeks we’ve been making significant progress on View Change. Fuji View Change will enable Miners and Sharders to sync into the blockchain on the Fuji Genesis Block. Without Fuji View Change, a manual code entry of Miner, Sharder, and Delegate wallets would be necessary; this can be done but is quite time consuming and could expose an active set member to fund security issues if the transfer of information is not handled carefully. Thus, since we’re so close on Fuji View Change, the optimal route is to complete this and then progress into load testing with the full set of MSBs.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, the progress on Fuji View Change has been exponential over the past couple weeks and we have a major fix pushing us closer to Mainnet launch. This update is planned to be released tomorrow on Sunday April 25, 2021.

Since March of this year the team has been implementing small tweaks and resetting the devnet blockchains for our Active Set (Comprised of 100 MSB rigs) to test out. This resetting process is nice because it keeps the Active Set continuously engaged but it slows the pace at which fixes can be made (make a fix, reset, make a fix, reset).

Saswata decided to pause this resetting cycle and implement a major fix, which is the fix slated to arrive on 4/25/21. After Fuji View Change is fully functional, then we can load test all 100 MSBs on the blockchain, simulating a live mainnet. After a successful load test we can roll out Fuji Mainnet 1.0. I’ll keep the 0Chain Cadets informed as we progress through these checkpoints. If you’d like to monitor the day-to-day dev progress, you can pop-in to GitHub here and see how things are coming along.

That’s it for now. It’s not much compared to future articles, but I wanted give a quick update to the community. Look for the MAGMA article coming out today (4/24/21) and more exciting news about the Bancor Whitelisting, CEX listings, and Crypto Partnership initiatives over the course of the coming days and weeks.


~ Feebs



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