Many people in the 0Chain community are rightfully wondering what the Fuji Mainnet timeline is. The all too common answer of “soon” may not be satisfying to some, so let us begin with an analogy, and then I’ll add some color to the current state of 0Chain’s Mainnet launch transition:

The following article provides a general update on Fuji Registration, reveals news for Early Bird applicants, introduces details about a Non-KYC registration option, outlines new hard deadlines for registration, and more.

Click Here for the Non-KYC Application form

Click Here for the FAQ Fuji Miner & Sharder Registration article

End of Early Bird phase

The 0Chain team is happy to announce that everyone who has applied to be a 0Chain Service Provider for…

Fuji Active Set Registration is now open!

We’re happy to announce that the second phase of Miner & Sharder registration for the Fuji Active Set — the Home Stretch phase — is now open:

Click Here for the KYC application

Click Here for the Non-KYC application

Click Here for information on the Home Stretch Phase and the Double Miner opportunity

The information below provides a wide overview of all phases of registration. …

Derick Fiebiger

0Chain. Arturo Capital.

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